Pine Top Boxes

You sometimes find that the space within the wardrobe isn't always enough, and by utilising the space above your wardrobe, these pine top boxes are the perfect solution. Providing you with additional storage space to store items such as shoes, handbags and even boxes, these pine top boxes sit neatly on top of your wardrobe and give you plenty of room to help keep your bedroom neat and organised. With a choice of different sizes, these top boxes are finished in a quality lacquer to enhance the natural beauty of the pine, whilst maintaining the material and ensuring strength and durability. The subtle details on these boxes adds a traditional touch to any room, whilst clean lines mean they will fit in elegantly with your existing wardrobe. Adding a pine top box to your wardrobe is also a great way to introduce an extra touch of character to your décor whilst also adding a practical element by adding much-needed extra storage you need.

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