Oak Sideboards

Oak Sideboards

Generating extra space combined with a traditional and attractive aesthetic makes oak sideboards a fantastic and practical addition to any room. Store excess cutlery and crockery in the dining room, perch ornaments and vases on top in the living room or keep clothes, books and other items tidily away in the bedroom.

A variety of different sizes, designs and finishes are available, meaning there will be at least one solid oak sideboard suitable for your home. Ideal as part of a complete home makeover, an addition to the dining room or a housewarming gift for a friend.     

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Solid Light & Dark Oak Sideboards

Both light and dark solid oak sideboards are for sale at Furniture Plus. Form a bright atmosphere in your dining room or kitchen with a light oak sideboard, or a more contemporary setting in the living room. Dark oak sideboards present a classic touch to the home, inspired by country cottages.

Traditional manufacturing techniques are used in forging all the oak sideboards in the range. Dovetailed joints, tongue and groove backs and solid oak drawer bottoms can be found on many items in the range. Either matching oak handles or stylish metal ones add a fine finishing touch.     

Small & Large Oak Sideboards

From large Vancouver oak four drawer, two door sideboards to smaller one door cabinets, there’s a cheap solid oak sideboard to fit into every space. Specially tailored versions, such as the wine sideboard with its inbuilt wine holder, provide a pragmatic purpose.

Chunky and durable construction with clean and smooth finishes mean every oak sideboard is built to last and maintain its classy appearance for as long as possible. Choose the perfectly sized and designed sideboard for your home today.