Oak Chest of Drawers

A well crafted Oak Chest of Drawers is an essential piece of bedroom furniture for any home. Chest of drawers in oak are always included in bedroom, but they can also be used to complement a dining table in the living room or tv cabinet in the living room.  

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Each Oak chest of drawers you see below forms part of a larger range of matching furniture. You can choose from a selection of light oak, medium oak, light rustic oak or dark rustic oak finishes. All our chests of drawers are crafted with dovetail joints and solid hardwood linings in every drawer. 

The History of Chest of Drawers

An Oak chest of drawers, sometimes known as a bureau or dresser is a useful item of furniture with roots dating back to late medieval Europe. What we would commonly recognise as an oak chest of drawers had overtaken chests or ‘coffers’ in popularity by around 1690.

Chest of Drawer Sizes and Styles

Historically tall chest of drawers were known as a Tallboys and often reached up to heights only accessible with the use of a stool or ladder. Today oak chests of drawers are more commonly designed to be either at a shoulder or waist height, and often come with a stunning oak mirror on top if they are of lower height. 

Most commonly, chests come with five, six or seven drawers, often varying in size with deeper drawers at the bottom and smaller, shallower drawers at the top of the piece. 

Oak chests of drawers remain the most favourite choice due to their enduring and classic appearance. Most of oak chest of drawers are true to our ethos of using traditional methods and only use premium grade oak in our chest of drawers, however some of our Oak Chest of drawers do use cheaper materials in the drawers such as MDF, chipboard or veneers. However, they are still of superb quality and each drawer is crafted using robust dovetail joints which are renowned for their strength and durability. 

Whether you're looking for a an oak chest of drawers which is tall, narrow or wide we're confident that you'll find something just right one from our huge collection.

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