Hi-Fi Cabinets/Media Units

Hi-Fi Cabinets from Furniture Plus
Feel beautifully organised with Hi-Fi storage cabinets from Furniture Plus. We understand the importance of getting rid of all those unsightly wires and organising your Hi-Fi system in your living room. That’s why we stock a range of beautiful storage cabinets and units. Browse the range today.
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A Unit to Suit Any Hi-Fi Set Up
We pride ourselves on offering solid wood furniture for every household and our Hi-Fi storage units are no different. Whether you have extensive equipment or just a few parts, we have a range of different sizes and styles to suit your home. Ranging from the modern to the more traditional, our solid wood storage units are built to last no matter what the style.

Every piece of furniture that we sell is bought directly from the manufacturer. This means that we can make sure that the quality of the furniture that we offer is up to our standards, and it also means that we can pass any savings that we make on to you. If you've got a good Hi-Fi system in your home, you'll want to display this in a high quality Hi-Fi cabinet.

Whether you've just bought a top of the range system or you've had one for many years, a media unit will help you to keep your Hi-Fi system safe and secure while also adding a stunning piece of furniture to your home.
We boast an extensive range of Hi-Fi cabinets that will suit a range of uses, from large ones with additional storage to small, compact designs that won't eat into too much space in your living room.

You can also select one with the right shelving option for your system, including deep shelves for large systems and additional shelves for storing your CDs and other accessories.

Hi-Fi Cabinet Features
If you want to protect your music system from dust, small children and pets, investing in a Hi-Fi cabinet with a door is a must. Alternatively, if you want your Hi-Fi to be incorporated with your other home entertainment, such as your TV, a larger sideboard with shelving for your music system would be ideal. With such a sensational range on offer, we can help to make sure your new Hi-Fi unit is in keeping with your room's décor and colour scheme and the overall interior design of your home.

For the more contemporary spaces, our minimalistic units with glass shelves are perfect. Or if you're looking for a more traditional design, our rustic oak media units will slot in effortlessly into your home.
Whatever your requirements are, we're sure to have a media unit to suit. We only stock the highest-quality cabinets, so you can be sure that you're purchasing a Hi-Fi cabinet that will look fabulous day after day, year after year.

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