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Console Tables from Furniture Plus
Make the most of your space with console tables from Furniture Plus. We believe in excellent quality when it comes to your furniture, from the design, to the materials, to the craftsmanship, right through to the price. Our living room console tables are no different. Browse the range today.
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Solid Wood Furniture
We pride ourselves on offering you solid wood furniture. This means that every aspect of your piece of furniture is made of solid wood, including the bottoms of your drawers and the backs of panels. From modern oak to rustic pine, we offer a range of different types of wood and finishes, so you’re bound to find the perfect console table to suit your living room perfectly.

Whether you’re looking for something small and discreet for the corner of your room or a feature piece, our range of console tables is bound to have the piece to meet your needs.

Console tables are one of the most adaptable and functional pieces of furniture available. They can be placed in any room and fulfil a number of different roles.

When placed in an entryway, they can be the perfect place to put your keys to ensure they never get lost; alternatively, they can act as the perfect surface to house your home telephone and your favourite houseplant for a touch of greenery. In living rooms, console tables can be used to display treasured belongings and lamps that emit a warm light for a cosy and comfortable ambience. In bathrooms, they can be used to store essentials that you may not want to have out on display.

Many console tables have drawers or baskets incorporated into their design, meaning they can provide much-needed storage and organisational space whilst still looking stylish. Small console tables can fit perfectly by the side of your sofa, acting as the ideal place to put your drink whilst watching television.

They will also fit beautifully into any small space in your home that needs brightening up or if you need of a little extra storage. Larger designs make beautiful additions to larger rooms and offer space on which you can display items such as photographs. Some designs also offer enough space to house your television along with any games consoles, set top boxes or media players you may use regularly.

We have chosen our range of console tables so that we can offer a number of different designs to fit with a range of different interior aesthetics. From modern designs to more traditional pieces, each table in our range combines style, functionality and quality craftsmanship to enhance your space.

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