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Make going out and getting in easy with coat hangers from Furniture Plus. We believe that good quality products are both functional and stylish, which is why our coat hangers are among the best. Browse the range today.
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Solid Wood Coat Hangers
Whether you’re looking for a delicate coat rack for children, or something sturdy for lots of winter coats, then you’ve come to the right place. We have a range of different coat racks for every hallway. Every piece of furniture that we sell is solid wood, so you know you’re bound to have a coat rack that lasts with us. We buy directly from the manufacturer, which means that we can guarantee a high quality piece for an affordable price.

Coat hangers and racks are a great way to keep your entrance or hallway tidy and organised. They're lightweight and easy to hang on the walls, and they are generally inexpensive. They're perfect for sorting coats and won't take up too much floor space. Wall coat hangers are also fantastic for children's bedrooms to teach them about looking after their own things and keeping their space tidy.

They can be hung at any height, so place them within easy reach in the kids' rooms. There's no risk of catching fingers like there might be with drawers or doors, so they're a simple, easy option.
We stock clever designs from big name brands like Baumhaus. Some options incorporate shelves above them, which are perfect for storing hats or boxes for gloves, umbrellas or other accessories.

They'll hold boxes, too, if you prefer not to have things on display or want to make the coat hanger the feature.
Our range covers racks for children and sturdier options for holding lots of winter coats.

All of our pieces are made from solid wood, so you know you're getting a piece that will last. We buy directly from the manufacturer, so we're able to guarantee you an affordable price.
We also stock other clever storage solutions to suit whatever space and clutter conundrums you're facing, all made from top quality oak and pine.

Buying a coat hanger from Furniture Plus will ensure that you get a quality product in terms of value and style. It will be as functional as it is beautiful. Browse our range today - we're confident you'll find something you like! Place an order now to start getting your coats in order.

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So if you’re in need of a new way to hang your coat, make sure you buy a solid wood coat rack with us today.