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Mirrors are both stylish and practical. They open up a room by reflecting light, and serve the practical purpose of reflecting your appearance too. At Furniture Plus, we know that one size does not fit all, which is why we have a range of different styles available.
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Solid Wood Frames

We believe that wood is one of the best materials to decorate with, which is why we take the utmost in care when we pick the designs that we want to stock. We talk directly to the manufacturer, so you know that you can trust that the furniture we pick is of incredible quality and affordable prices. Mirrors serve many functions, such as brightening a dark room or corner and making a room look larger, in addition to their practical use of providing a surface in which you can see yourself.

With so many styles and sizes available, choosing a mirror should be as important as picking a painting. Size is important, as you do not want a mirror to overpower a room or to look insignificant. The frame also needs to look right in your room and the positioning needs to be perfect - above a fireplace or sideboard usually looks good. Putting two mirrors on adjacent walls works well in the dining room, giving the impression that there are more people sitting around the table in addition to bouncing light around the room.

Wooden mirrors work well in dining rooms, particularly if you find one in the same shade of wood as your dining table or sideboard. These can be square or oblong and in rustic or contemporary styles. Devonshire Oak and Pine ranges are a lovely range of environmentally friendly mirrors for a clean look, while Homestyle GB mirrors have a more rustic feel. For modern lines, Milano has chic styles including long mirrors to create different lines. In addition to wooden mirrors, painted dining room mirrors can be used to either complement or contrast with your walls.

Plainer frames will work better if you have ornate wallpaper or bright walls. We stock a wide range of mirrors by leading manufacturers in a range of sizes and frames. The thickness of the frame is an important consideration, as thicker, darker woods can look more rustic than thinner, lighter ones. If you have a particular place in mind for your new dining room mirrors, try putting different pictures in this position to see which size works best.

Whether you’re looking for oak or pine, a dark finish or a light one, a huge mirror or a smaller one, you’re sure to find a mirror perfect for your room.

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