Devonshire Pine - Choice of Finish


Devonshire Pine offers a choice of both waxed and lacquered finishes.

Waxed finishes are simply applied by a speacial cloth in the factory whereas a lacquered finish is a protective layer applied with a spray gun.

A waxed finish has more of a matt effect, whereas the lacquered has a slight shiny look to it.


Antique Wax

This finish is the most popular waxed finish and comes standard on all Chunky and Tarka Pine ranges.



Kenilwoth Oak - (Lacquered)

The Kenilworth Oak Lacquered finished is the most popular lacquered finish and comes standard on all items in the Badger Pine range.

Devon Antique - Lacquered

Honey - Lacquered

The Honey Lacquered finished could be considered as the original colour for pine furniture, it has a orange tint to it.