Caring for your Oak Furniture


Each piece of your new oak furniture is unique and will have its own characteristics.

The wood is naturally and kiln dried to control and reduce the moisture contents. However, Oak is hydroscopic which means that it’s surrounding humidity levels play a part in creating small imperfections such as small cracks, variations in the grain and a difference in shading in the wood.


Caring for your Oak Furniture is simple.

You can minimise the moisture in the surroundings of your furniture by ensuring that there is plenty of ventilation and avoiding spillages. If accidents do occur, clean up spills immediately using a dabbing action rather than wiping the surface. 

Avoiding changes in temperatures within the near vicinity of the furniture, such as not placing the items in front of radiators or in direct sunlight, this can help prevent the oak from drying out too much and cracking and colour fading.

A handy tip to ensure that the natural aging process of the oak occurs evenly is to rotate accessories so they do not sit in the same place for too long. As for extending tables, make sure the extension is left open for a sufficient length of time.

When moving furniture, ensure there are two people or more to lift the items as dragging them can damage them.


Maintaining Lacquered Oak Furniture

To keep the lacquer looking as new as possible we advise that the oak is cleaned regularly using natural wax, such as bees wax.

Wax can also be used on scratches and damaged surfaces to protect the oak against additional moisture. 

NEVER use chemicals such as Bleach or rough materials such as dish scrubbers on any oak furniture!


Maintaining Oiled Oak Furniture

Oiled oak should remain dust free. To clean use a soft, lint free cloth, for best results wipe in the direction of the grain. If the oak starts to look dry, simply re-oil it, always following the grain.

NEVER use chemicals such as Bleach, cleaners or rough materials such as dish scrubbers on any oak furniture!