Most of the oak furniture on sale in the High St. is manufactured in the far east, principally China and Vietnam. Lower production costs plus availability of raw materials has led to a revolution in furniture supply.

The result of this has been to make retailers consider which method of supply is most suited to them. Buying direct or from specialist importers. Buying direct offers a price advantage whereas buying off wholesalers/manufactures offers more choice and less need for storage. Having experienced buying direct we at Furnitureplus concluded that buying off top suppliers such as Baumhaus,Flexiload, Bespoak and Devonshire who manufacture from their state of the art 240,000 ft.factory was the way forward.

The price premium incurred by such a decision is mostly off set when considering such costs as storage, ease of supply and the expertise of top importers each competing on price quality and design.

All this allows Furnitureplus to offer a choice of over thirty ranges with various finishes at prices that are hard to beat.

We are proud of our service.

Our mission is to be the best.