Hardwood flooring is a very popular choice within many homes today, as not only does it provide you with a timeless design that will stay on trend through every season, but it also creates a dramatic look that is difficult to create with other materials. Many people struggle to find the right interior balance when decorating with dark flooring, however, there are certain design tips that will help you to achieve the right balance and create a stunning overall look.

Introduce Light Colours

When working with dark colours, there’s no better way to balance out the tone than by introducing lighter colours to the mix. White is the best colour to use when working with dark flooring, as you can lift the atmosphere and add a bright touch to the décor. From white window and door trim, to white walls, you can vary the different ways in which you introduce the colour to your home, keeping it unique and personal to your style. Another way to introduce lighter colours to the mix is through furnishings and decorative pieces. Light grey sofas and pastel coloured cushions or throws will add a beautiful touch to the room, keeping it light and fresh whilst still having that dramatic input from the dark flooring.

The Right Lighting

It’s the same when working with darker kitchen cabinets or a dark colour scheme, you need to have the right balance of lighting to keep the room feeling fresh and welcoming. It’s very easy for a room to become dull when the right lights are installed, so focus on the key areas within the room to add your lighting too. Many homeowners are opting for a set of mood lights within certain rooms, as this enables you to set the right tone for the atmosphere you wish to create. With dark flooring, you could also benefit from adding spotlights to the room to enhance the look and draw attention to key areas of the room. This type of lighting is ideal for lifting the atmosphere within the room and ensuring it feels warm and homely, whilst still having that strong impact throughout the décor.

Bold Furniture Pieces

Introducing dark flooring instantly adds a dramatic touch to your décor, so you want to keep up with that bold design feature throughout. By adding some bold oak furniture pieces to the room, you can keep the statement design style clear, without creating a look that feels over the top or messy. It is important, however, to keep your statement furniture pieces a light colour, as adding too many dark colours will overpower the room and make it feel dull and too busy.

Dark Details

Whilst it’s important to keep the main décor features light and clear, you can get away with the odd dark details to draw the room together properly. For those who opt for white walls, adding a dark photo or a dark clock will enhance the overall look of the room and create a clear connection between the dark flooring and the rest of the room. Similarly, you could add dark cushions to your light sofa and so on, as these features will be discreet and simple, yet they’ll create a stunning look and really add character to that particular room.