With Father’s Day this Sunday, why not treat your dad to his very own dad cave?! The traditional man cave is ideal for providing the men of the house with a space to go to play games, watch sports or even just chill out and it can help to really make the most of every room in the house! There are some really fun ways to decorate a man cave too, with décor themes ranging from football enthusiast, rustic edge and even a monochrome palace, you can really have some fun and design the perfect room for your dad!

“Man Cave: A place where you keep all your favourite stuff and do what you want. It used to be called your life, but then you got married, so now it’s just a room!”

Choose Your Theme

First things first you need to design a space that suits your dad’s personality and interests. For example, for a huge basketball fan, you may decide to paint the room a light brown colour with plenty of orange details. You could then add bold artwork to enhance the basketball theme and, of course, introduce some basketball related props such as a rubbish net above the bin and so on. Similarly, your dad may be more of a travelling fan, in which case you could transform the room into a hidden treasure filled with memories and travel related features such as model ships, antique maps and even his favourite beers or wines from certain countries to really make him feel like he’s in another place!

Bold Focal Points

You want to include a bold focal point within your dad’s man cave, as this will draw the eye and also draw the room together perfectly. One very popular focal point for man caves is a huge plasma TV, as this can be surrounded by a cosy leather sofa and some light oak furniture to add to the rustic feel. You could even go all out and add a mini bar to the room for your focal point. Stocking it up with all of your dad’s favourite drinks and snacks to keep him happy throughout a game, documentary or even whilst reading a good book!

Make it Personal

Your dads man cave is a room designed for him to enjoy. Making the man cave the perfect space for your dad to enjoy will ensure he has his own special place that he can really make the most of! Add some personal touches to the room such as memories, family photographs, trophies and even items such as signed t-shirts, autographs from their idols and so on. This will really give the room a personal touch and make it special for your dad whenever he is in there!

Fun and Games

Make sure your dads man cave is a fun, exciting place for him to chill out in. Introducing features such as a pool table, dart board or even a piano will give him plenty to do whilst he’s enjoying his own space. It’ll be great for when he invites some of his friends over too, as he’ll be able to show off his special place and have a bit of fun at the same time!