Hot Interior Trends Summer 2017

If you’ve started to notice those copper kitchen utensils and pastel coloured bed sheets filtering through your favourite interior stores, it isn’t a coincidence. With the seasonal décor transition fully underway, all of the top trending designs, materials and features will be making strong appearances all over the interior industry. Think you’ve noticed a few key trends that have taken the interior world by storm over the last few weeks? We’ve gathered some of our favourite hot summer 2017 trends to give you some sizzling inspiration for your own home!

Tropical vs Botanical

Nothing screams summer quite like a vibrant pattern of tropical prints, or some exotic greenery dotted around your home. Tropical décor is a huge trend this summer, with so many different designs and ways to introduce it into your interiors. Whether you’re looking for some bold, beautiful statement pieces, or you want to take more of a subtle, delicate approach, there are so many amazing designs available to give you exactly what you want. Botanical is a theme that has been running strong for many seasons, however the tropical edge gives this new trend a summery vibe that we all want to have in our homes! Not to mention the huge craze of the pineapple that has taken the world by storm over the last few months. You can’t enter a home store without seeing a funky pineapple print somewhere or everywhere!


From floor tiles to the vases your plants stand tall in, terracotta is a huge trend for the summer of 2017. The beautifully neutral colour tone, combined with the smooth finish, enable this trendy earthenware to stand out from the crowd whilst giving your home a burst of character and style. There are so many unique ways in which you can incorporate terracotta into your décor, and the beauty of it is that you won’t have to make any drastic changes to the current style you have.

Boldly Brass

Over the last year or so, copper has been a massive feature in many interior designs and décor pieces. Today, however, copper is slowly being replaced by brass. This may seem like a strange transition, as there isn’t too much difference between the two materials, but brass is suddenly becoming the ‘it’ finish. From stunning lamps to shiny handles, brass is soon going to be a very popular feature to include in your homes décor.

Traditional Oak

With many different finishes and ranges to choose from, we always see a transition in trends between our stunning oak ranges. For the summer of 2017, we’re seeing a huge rise in the Vancouver range. This beautiful range combines light, durable oak with a delicate design and stunning detailing. This gorgeous combination of features enables this range to stand out from the crowd and pop with character. With different room décor suitable for the whole home, you can really add a touch of style and practicality to your interiors, keeping them both consistent and current.