Whether you’re starting a new school, or you’re going back to start the next academic year, the back to school period can be exciting yet daunting. One of the most important things to remember when preparing to go back to school is to be organised, setting yourself up with plenty of essential items, as well as preparing your room for your new daily routine. There may seem like a lot to remember for going back to school, but with these handy tips, you’ll be ready and raring to go!

The Checklist

You often find that schools send out a checklist of all essential items that will be needed for the year ahead, and this is perfect for ensuring you don’t forget any important pieces. Take a good look at your school checklist and try to tick everything off the list early, as this will help give you time if there’s certain items you can’t find or get hold of. Checklists are also really useful for keeping you organised and helping the preparation stage flow smoothly. Alongside the school checklist, you could create your own mini checklist of all items you’ll need at home to help you with various tasks such as homework, storing your school books and so on.

School Storage

On the first day back at school, you quite often find that you’re bombarded with brand new school books for each subject, which you need to bring with you to each class. By adding some school storage to your bedroom, you can create a dedicated space to store your books when they aren’t being used. This will also help to keep your books in pristine condition and make it much easier when it comes to packing your bag before school. You could also look at adding a small box or cupboard for school clothes, including PE equipment, shoes and so on.

A Work Space

It’s really important to ensure you have plenty of room to do your homework, with enough space to have your books and notepads where you need them. Having a clear surface area is perfect for providing you with your own work space, whether that’s the dining room table, or a neat desk in your bedroom. You can then customise your desk area with useful revision notes, or important items that you may need to help you with your homework. It’s much easier to concentrate and properly focus on your work when you have a quiet, spacious area to use.

Unique Features

Back to school is a really fun and exciting time, with so many new friends and teachers, along with new things to learn and sometimes even a new school. There are some really fun things you can do during back to school, to make the experience even more exciting. Creating items like scrapbooks, memory notes and even a diary can be really fun to look back on and remember you’re back to school experiences. You could even keep them going throughout the year to give you some great memories to look back on in years to come.

Use the Walls

Adding some bright, colourful pieces to your wall will really help to lift the atmosphere and create a space that’s fun to work in. You could introduce some revision plans, study calendars and even a nice clock to help you stay on time. A great addition to your room would also be your school timetable, as it can often be difficult to get into the new routine and it may be really helpful to have it displayed for you to keep looking at when needed.