Summer Bedroom Decor

Summer is officially in the air which means it’s time to prepare your interiors for the warmer days ahead! There’s nothing more refreshing than the lighter mornings and longer evenings, combined with the fresh blue skies and glorious sunshine, and by preparing your bedroom for summer you can really make the most of this delightful season! We’ve selected 4 easy yet effective ways in which you can inject a touch of summer into your bedroom to give you a little inspiration!

Strip it Back

Throughout winter you want your bedroom to be a warm, cosy and relaxing space for you to snuggle into and hide away from the cold weather. Now that the warmer weather is here, it’s time to strip back all of those thick materials and extra blankets and focus on making your bedroom light and fresh. Start by changing your current bedding, including the duvet itself. Investing in a lighter duvet for the summertime is ideal for keeping you cool throughout the night, and you can add some lovely bright bed sheets to your bed to enhance that summer feel. If you’re one of those people who just love to have lots of scatter cushions on your bed, look at replacing your current ones for some lighter coloured styles that will compliment your new bed sheets and create a lovely focal point within your bedroom. It’s also time to put those additional blankets into storage for a few months, as they’ll make your bedroom feel stuffy and warm on those bright sunny days.

Similarly, you may also want to look at replacing your current curtains for a thinner material. By replacing them with a different material you will create a lighter feel within the room, as well as allow as much sunlight as you want into the room. You often find that people like to have some durable blinds for the summertime, as this can really help to keep that awkward sunlight out when it’s at that certain time of day.

Bright and Bold

When you think of summer, you instantly think of bright, bold colours and unique designs that stand out from the crowd. Introducing some bright colours to your bedroom décor will instantly give the room a fresh, summer feel that will lift your mood as well as the atmosphere in the room. Whether you opt for a feature wallpaper wall to introduce a unique, bold pattern to the room, or you keep things simple by adding some brightly coloured accessories such as your bedding, artwork or even bold furniture pieces, you can really make your interiors pop and embrace that summer vibe!

Reflect the Light

One of the best additions for your bedroom in the summer time is a mirror. Mirrors are the one feature that can make a room feel stylish, open and fresh whilst simply hanging on the wall. By adding mirrors to your bedroom you’re able to reflect the beautiful sunlight throughout your room and keep a fresh, bright feel. You’ll instantly notice that your bedroom feels larger and spacious without even changing the layout of your current furniture. It’s a lovely way of making the most of the light you have available to you through the summer months.

Fresh Touches

There’s no disputing that fresh flowers are one of the many gorgeous signs of summer, and introducing them to your bedroom can really help to add a summery touch to your décor. With their beautiful scent and delicate appearance, fresh flowers instantly lift a rooms atmosphere and create a welcoming feel. You could also look at introducing some fresh, summer scented candles that create a lovely aroma within the room. There are some gorgeous scents available that instantly create that fresh summer feel.