Veneer v Solid      

Buying Furniture? Should I buy solid or veneered and what is the difference?

Solid wood furniture is made of solid wood of one or more varieties.Veneer is technically a layer of hardwood glued to another surface below.

Some of the most expensive furniture is veneered whilst some of the cheapest is solid. Most of the furniture found on the High St. is veneered.

So what’s going on?

Quite simply there is no easy answer both have advantages and disadvantages.

Cheaply manufactured solid wood, especially oak may crack or warp in a centrally heated house, so large gaps are used to allow for movement. It’s important when making furniture from solid wood to make sure it has been dried properly. For example our ranges are made from high grade, sustainably sourced American White Oak.

So what’s the answer?

At Furnitureplus we sell both solid and veneered furniture giving our customers an informed choice. Many of our ranges are totally solid oak that are manufactured to the highest standard. Solid backs and dovetailed drawers are standard. All our pine ranges are made from Scandinavian Redwood, again solid throughout. With over thirty ranges of oak, pine, painted, walnut and all at great prices, Furnitureplus leads the way.

If you would like to know more about any of our ranges then please contact one of our sales team.