Now that your hard work and determination has paid off and you’ve chosen the Uni for you, it’s time to prepare for the next stage of your student life! University is a huge step, one that you’ll remember for the rest of your life, with so many amazing memories and experiences. There are so many challenges and life lessons that come with going to Uni, such as learning to live away from home and look after yourself, which can sometimes cause a little homesickness. Making your new Uni room feel warm and welcoming will really help to ensure you feel relaxed and comfortable, surrounded by lots of your home comforts to keep you positive and happy.

Cosy Bedding

At home, your bed is often place where you feel most relaxed and settled, so it’s important to try and recreate your bed at home for your Uni room. Bedding is the first thing to consider, as you need to ensure you get some good quality sheets that are going to last. There are so many amazing bed sheet styles available, and investing in a style that suits your personality will help your room feel more like home. You can then create a really welcoming, cosy space by adding decorative touches to your bed such as scatter cushions and a soft throw.

Candles & Scents

One of the best things about going home is being welcomed by that specific scent that is unique to you. It’s often difficult to re-create the exact scent, but there are certain things you can introduce to your Uni room to fill it with a familiar smell. Candles are perfect for filling the room with a beautiful aroma, making the space feel welcoming and fresh. You can also introduce air fresheners or diffusers to add a scent that’s consistent from day to day, as candles are something you may use on occasion rather than all day.

Delicate Lighting

The lighting in your Uni room will have a surprising effect on the feel of the room overall. You want to add some soft lighting to the room, as this will help to create a really homely feel. From small side lamps, to larger fixtures on the walls and ceiling, you can add new bulbs with a softer tone to create the perfect atmosphere. Fairy lights are also a lovely touch to bring a little sparkle to the room and add some character. You can make the space your own by introducing touches that are suited to your personality and style.

Photographs & Art

There’s nothing more comforting than being surrounded by familiar faces and happy memories, so adding a collection of your favourite photographs will really help to make your room feel like home. There are some really fun and creative ways to add photos to your room, and Pinterest have so many great DIY projects to do. Artwork is also a really nice way to lift the atmosphere within your room and enhance the character. It’s the perfect reflection of your personal style and a great way to fill those bare walls with some life and colour.