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Top Boxes from Furniture Plus
Get a little bit of extra storage space with wardrobe top boxes from Furniture Plus. We know that the bedroom is a place where storage is at a premium. That’s why we offer a range of different storage options, including top boxes for wardrobes, so you can get that little bit extra out of dead space. Browse the range today.
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Great Quality and Great Prices
All of our products are made from solid wood, and are often exclusive designs. We handpick the furniture that we sell, so we know that the quality and craftsmanship is up to the standard that we are known for providing. We cut out the middle man and buy direct from the manufacturer, which means that we can pass our savings on to you.

Choose from a variety of different finishes, so whether you want oak or pine, you’re sure to find a top box perfect for your bedroom with us. Most people wish they had more storage space in their home. Many of us struggle to find places to house our possessions, particularly those we don't use very often. Putting things in the loft always seems so final, and it's undoubtedly a pain having to retrieve them when needed.

Imagine if you had a neat and stylish box in which to put those old children's toys you can't bear to part with, the overflow of shoes currently cluttering up your wardrobe or that collection of handbags which is going to make you a fortune one day. At Furniture Plus we have a wide range of top boxes which are the solution to all your storage problems.

Available in a number of beautiful wood finishes, including stylish pine and modern painted wood, our top boxes come in a variety of sizes to fit on top of every wardrobe. You will be sure to find one to match or complement your existing wardrobe. A bedroom top box ensures all that clutter you gather over the years is neatly and cleanly hidden away in an accessible place, where you can get to it easily without having to climb into a dusty loft.

In addition to its elegant look, the beauty of a top box is that it fits neatly on top of your wardrobe and takes up what is in effect a dead space. No valuable bedroom floor space is required. We're sure that once you get a wardrobe top box to stow away your clutter, you'll wonder how you ever did without!

Order Yours Today
So if you’re looking for a way to utilise your bedroom space, make sure that you buy your new wardrobe top box with us today.