Top Boxes

Give the bedroom a little extra storage space and style with one of these fabulous wardrobe top boxes. Introducing a top box to your wardrobe is the perfect way to utilise the space above the wardrobe that is often neglected and unused, whilst also introducing character to the décor and finishing off the room perfectly. Made from solid wood, these exclusive designs have been expertly crafted to the highest quality using traditional design methods to ensure longevity within each piece. Choose from a selection of different top box styles from oak to pine, to help make sure you've selected the right design for your décor style. Ideal for seasonal clothing, children's toys and even storing shoes, top boxes provide you with useful storage space that will help you to keep the room neat and tidy. Available in a variety of different finishes from a lacquer or wax to a quality painted finish, you can select the right style for you and find the perfect match to your wardrobe.

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