10 Things To Do Whilst The Husband Watches The World Cup

husband watching football

photo credit: SkyFireXII via photopin cc

Feeling neglected while the hubby watches the World Cup? Great! That means you have some time to spend on yourself. Do something you’ve been promising yourself… He can’t really complain.

The kids? If he’s at home he won’t mind looking after them surely…. At the pub? Arrange with a couple of other mums to take turns on a sleepover. Bet they jump at the chance too.

1. Local cinemas. Check out who’s hot and and what’s hot.

2. Pamper day/night. Get a few friends together who fancy the idea. You can usually negotiate a reduction for a group. Who doesn’t enjoy a little pampering?

3. Learn a new language. You’ve always said that you should. You’ve got a month to learn how to flirt with the cute waiter on your next holiday….

4. Try that new restaurant or bar. Get yourself glammed up and go. It’s nice to feel that you’re one of the first people to try out a new place.

5. Attend a dance class. If you only go once at least you can say you tried it and you might actually enjoy it. Imagine yourself under the ‘Strictly….’ lights….

6. Arrange time out with a friend you haven’t seen in ages. Do something you used to love doing together and relive some good times.

7. Lock yourself in the kitchen put all those cookery books to use… Don’t you keep saying that you’re fed up eating the same things?

8. Involve the kids (or borrow a friends! They’ll LOVE you for it!) Get them to help you bake and decorate a cake. You’ll be amazed at the joy on their faces and all it costs is some flour, a couple of eggs and a bit of time to tidy round which you do anyway…

9. He’s out of the way and won’t be disturbing you. Go through those wardrobes and recycle all those clothes you don’t wear. You’ll feel miles better for it!

10. Cosy up in bed with a good book or interesting magazine. And the early night will do you good.

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